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An awesome new community for animal lovers is coming soon!


Build a local network of trusted animal people who take care of each others' animals from time to time, go on playdates, or just meet new like-minded friends.


An animal community.


We spoke with hundreds of people who have animals and learned that they would love to have a trusted group of animal lovers to rely upon when they are looking for someone to care for their furry (or scaly!) best friend. 


Maybe your dog is older, has extra needs, or your cat just likes to snuggle in her own environment.  Or, if you have birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, fish, goats….or pretty much any other animal than a cat or a dog, there often isn't a traditional boarding option nearby to cater for them. 


Alternatively, perhaps because of your rental agreement or lifestyle, having an animal of your own isn’t right for you at the moment, but you have animal care experience and would love to care of someone else’s or walk a dog in your area.

Maybe you would like to socialize your puppy or your dog would like to play with new doggy friends.  You can find dogs nearby to meet up with or join an established playgroup.


If you would love to be part of an animal community and make new like-minded friends who look after each other's pets, find events, playdates, groups, and share animal tips – Animigos is for you.


Animal care, playdates, community, friends. Animigos.

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